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Personal property can have many different types of value. The items in your possession may remind you of a cherished moment, be a family heirloom or be worth quite a bit of money. Unfortunately, approximately every 14 seconds there is a burglary in the US, separating people from their valuable property.

No matter what type of value your belongings have, you shouldn’t have to worry about them being stolen. SelectaDNA allows you to recover your property even if it has been taken, giving you one less thing to worry about.

How It Works

The SelectaDNA marker kit comes with a liquid adhesive containing synthetic DNA. It’s composed the same way human DNA is composed- each bottle of synthetic DNA is a unique code. The DNA code is visible on microdots, which can be seen under a microscope.

You use a stick applicator to brush up to 25 objects with the marker solution. There are many different items that can be marked with the DNA, including laptops and cameras. The solution can be applied to objects both indoors and outdoors. After you mark your items, you register them in the SelectaDNA database.

If your property is stolen, law enforcement can tell that it’s registered in the database by running a UV light over your property. The microdots respond to the UV light, showing that the item has been marked. A look under a microscope will reveal your code, and then authorities can search the SelectaDNA database to reconnect you with your property.

There are no fees other than the initial cost of the kit ($199 for the basic home kit). When the DNA is applied to crevices in your items, it cannot be removed by burglars and will always link your property to you. Registration of your DNA is good for a lifetime.

Why It Works

With the SelectaDNA Home Kit, you also get signs to place around your home. As you would with signs from an alarm system or signs advertising an angry dog in your yard, you can place the signs so intruders can see them. Making intruders aware that you have marked your valuables can be a major deterrent. Knowing that they won’t be able to easily sell your valuables, burglars might choose to avoid your home. Using SelectaDNA can prevent crime before it happens.

Police forces have embraced SelectaDNA, making it even more useful to you. They are on the lookout for marked property, giving you a better chance at recovering any stolen goods. Police, crime scene detectives and other law enforcement are trained in recognizing SelectaDNA.

Other Options

There are special SelectaDNA kits available to mark more unique items. You can mark your classic car, your boat or your motorcycle with the appropriate kit. An aerosol can of SelectaDNA can be used to mark any cables that might otherwise be stolen and sold for cash. For copper pipes and lead roofing, the SelectaDNA grease marks them with the unique code.

SelectaDNA isn’t limited to marking your belongings. It can mark thieves too. A spray can of SelectaDNA can mark an intruder with the unique code, and make it possible to identify the intruder later on. The spray can be used in SelectaDNA’s PIR motion sensor to work as an extremely effective alarm system.

Final Thoughts

SelectaDNA links you to your property, no matter what happens. The marking system is a way to deter thieves, reunite you and your stolen property and catch intruders after they have committed a crime. It’s an easy way to keep your valuables in the right hands.

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